5 Things That Can Trigger Your Asthma On The Road

Asthma is one of the long-term diseases like diabetes mellitus, diabetes from which one can never recover fully. No matter how many medicines and cure you try, some stains of asthma prevails fora lifetime. Asthma is nothing special or a new kind of disease, but just an extended version of coughing.

Asthma is a condition that is developed when while breathing, the airways get contracted and narrowed at the same time. This results in the patient going out of breath and suffers from inflammation of the airways. People then depend on Asthalin Inhaler, Levolin Inhaler.

It is not an infection that persists till the time it is removed. It comes to the victim in form of an asthma attack, just like a heart attack, unplanned and unpredicted. Unpredicted to some extent because there are certain factors, upon the exposure of which the person is likely to get an asthma attack.

Dust Particles

Dust Particles are one of the most common asthma triggers. More specifically the microscopic insects found in dust called dust mites are the main culprit. As soon as entering the airway they contract the bronchial tissues causing an asthma attack. Doctors however provide few steps from dust particles.

  • Try to wear a mask while going outside.
  • Dust mites are mostly found below the pillows, mattresses, on the floors, cupboards, etc.
  • Besides dust mites, there are other microscopic ingredients such as pollen grains during pollination, boiling coming out from woollen clothes, and quilts which acts as triggers.

Pets and other animals

  • Suppose while walking on the road one of the street dogs just shakes itself to get rid of its dirt. It may cause a trigger to you.
  • Or suppose you are going on a road trip with your dog and suddenly you have an asthma attack. You may wonder what caused you but, unfortunately, it was your pet.
  • You may be a pet allergic person, or because the fur of the pet has many allergens attached to it.
  • But if yes then, then regularly clean your pets, their furs combed. Try to not come in direct contact with the pet unless she is washed off.
  • Use an air purifier with alternatively changing the HEPA filter in it.

Air Pollution

  • Dust mites don’t come in the group of air pollution. Air Pollution is the culmination of factory releases, forest-fires, emissions from vehicles, any blast in the factory, and other sources.
  • Check online the pollution levels in your city or in the locality in which you have to go. If the pollution level is too high rescheduling the plan if you can.
  • But if not tell the doctor about it and follow his/her instructions.
  • The doctor will give you Asthalin Inhaler or Levolin Inhaler from Arrowmeds or as per your requirement.


  • Yes, you heard it right. Pests too act as one of the reasons for causing you an asthma attack.
  • Cockroaches apart from causing food poison, acting as carriers of fatal diseases like diarrhea, leprosy, cholera also triggers asthma with its proteins.
  • Each part of the cockroach, like a waste, saliva and has stored proteins that act as allergens to some people.
  • One should keep his house clean and call pest control to immediately get rid of not only cockroaches but all of its groups and categories.


  • Smoking is such an addictive habit that has never been fruitful to anyone. It has only negative effects on the body like Erectile Dysfunction, breathing problems, quality of blood degrades, causing an asthma attack.
  • One who is not a smoker must not celebrate that he/she will not be triggered because you may have never smoked yourself but you must have inhaled the smoke of others.
  • You may think you are saved but in reality, you are not.
  • This makes wearing of the mask compulsory for asthma patients or even non-asthma patients due to continuous passive smoking may become an asthma patient.
  • Make changes to your friend circle if anyone is a smoker. If someone in your family is a smoker, convince him/her that he/she is causing you a great deal of damage to you and other family members.

Age is not at all a factor in finding asthma symptoms in patients. Nowadays with increasing pollution levels in cities children and infants are being exposed to dust particles, vehicular emissions, smog. At such tender age, their immune system is not as developed to tackle all these pollutants. Hence, they suffer from inflammation while breathing, getting short out of breath without doing much physical activity.

If someone in adulthood is diagnosed with asthma, then that asthma is known as Adult-Onset Asthma. In adults, the most common reason for becoming an asthma patient is regular exposure to allergens that causes the allergy. Being the passive smoker of your boss in the workplace is one such example.

No doctor can make you asthma-free. He/she can only make it under control. You tend to use inhalers which provide relief during asthma attacks. But the inhaler needs to be regularly filled once it is empty. In movies, you must have seen a lighter kind of device used by patients while coughing and breathlessness. But no need to worry once you are on Arrowmeds, order Asthalin Inhaler, Levolin Inhaler to breathe without any complications.

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