Back To The Pool After The Holidays: The 5 Mistakes To Avoid!

September, the time to fall into line and abandon this suspended state and these holidays that smell like summer. September is also the month in s new beginnings and of s new goals, a good time to start a new physical activity or continue what you have neglected during the holidays, with renewed enthusiasm.

So let’s put the inflatable mattresses, fins, and all the other discarded flamingo or unicorn-shaped buoys for now, and let’s get started. It’s important to start off on the right foot, choosing the most appropriate course and preparing to exceed your limits length after length. 

The first and most useful tip is to start calmly, without forcing the training, carefully following recovery times, and respecting your body, which after weeks of inactivity can be a bit rusty. Remember the importance of a good warm-up to avoid muscle trauma or tears.

5 common mistakes to avoid

To avoid failure, despite your good intentions, you need to keep in mind five of the most common mistakes, which are often caused by rushing and resuming pre-summer exercises as they are. 

1. Create false expectations.

You give it your all, and you don’t see the results immediately. This is normal, given that you need at least two months of constant training before you see tangible results. Expecting miraculous results after your first day of training will only cause anxiety and frustration.

2. Stress your bodies.

Your body speaks to you, you just have to learn to listen to it. It is important to understand what your limits are, without exaggerating them too much. Take the advice of a qualified instructor on the intensity and frequency of your workouts.

3. Don’t set goals.

It is important to immediately understand what to expect from lessons or exercises in the pool. There are those who swim to lose weight, those who want to tone up, those who want to refine their technique, and those who just want to have fun, relax, and maybe change their habits. Your goals may change over time, but it’s important to keep them in mind.

4. Damn routine.

Always the same exercises, the same times, the same number of laps. After a while, anyone would tire of repeating the same exercises over and over again. Try to diversify, use new tools, new techniques, alone or with others. The change breaks the monotony and is good for your body and mind.

5. Today, okay. But for tomorrow we’ll see.

Hmm no. Consistency is a key element in the success of a new business, even in swimming. Don’t be lazy. Skipping a workout just because it feels more tempting to go straight from your desk to the couch won’t make you proud, and you will regret it. You should also take into account the economic loss after all you have paid your dues. So, no more laziness, the swimming pool awaits you!

One last useful tip!

Why not keep a journal where you can record, from time to time, the progress you have made and the goals achieved? You can use it as a way to monitor your activity and clearly express your impressions and expectations. After a few months (maybe Christmas?), It will be rewarding to flip through these pages and find your hard-earned goals day after day. All these efforts and successes that you should celebrate, why not with gifts, and share with those who love you!


The underwater kick is considered the fifth stroke in swimming, and in fact the fastest. As you watch the best swimmers in the world, you will notice that they are not only trying to stay submerged 15m after each turn, they are also trying to do it as quickly as possible.

Recommended exercise for swimming and lifeguard training: Begin by swimming 15m underwater as quickly as possible. Do sets of 8 x 15 m with fins and 60 seconds between two repetitions. When you have fully mastered the 15m phase underwater, lengthen it and do 25m. Make sure you are swimming at a speed that is convenient for you at all times so that you don’t find yourself out of breath.

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