Global Warming and It’s Effect on Men’s Health

Global warming can be defined as the occurrence or happening of increasing the normal temperature of the air near the surface of the earth for more than one and a half centuries. Scientists who study the climate since the mid of 20th century have collected all of the observed information about various weather phenomena like temperature changes, precipitation, and occurrence of storms. They also have studied the related influences of the climate like ocean currents and that atmosphere’s chemical composition. And every detailed data about the climate warns us about the rising temperature of the earth’s surface.


There are many causes of global warming which not only affects the natural world temperature but also has an impact on the living beings of the world.


Combustion of fossil fuel has become a daily need in people’s lives, it is required almost in every field. The Burning of coal, oil, gases to generate electricity and also to power the vehicles results in the emission of harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which pollutes the air around us.


The cutting down of trees for the use of wood, farming, and making roads, railways, etc. has resulted in an immense rise in the global temperature.


Farming as in livestock of like cattle and sheep, is one the producers of methane gas which is also a greenhouse gas. This production of the harmful gas is increased when the cattle are gazed at a large scale and on the other hand, they become a big contributor to global warming.

Some fertilizers used by the farmers on their crops also release nitrous oxide which is also one of the greenhouse gases.

Global warming is the result of such greenhouse gases getting released into the air through almost every medium in large amounts like farming, burning of fossil fuels, and factories as well. The reason is that the greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide have the ability to absorb sunlight and solar radiation that bounces back from the earth’s surface, huge amount of this gas can trap a lot of solar radiation and sunlight, resulting in the rising of the earth’s natural temperature.


The greenhouse effect can be defined as the process by which the radiations of the sun warm up the earth’s surface by getting trapped inside due to some gases present in the air, these gases commonly known as the greenhouse gases. These gases radiate energy in all directions, part of this radiation is directed towards the surface hence warming it up. Human activities have increased the greenhouse effect thus causing global warming.


Global warming has a destructing effect on the earth and the main effect is that the temperature is rising every year and the atmosphere is getting warmer.

Increase in annual average temperatures-— Although claimed to be hoax by many agencies, yet the agency whom people are made to believe, either forcefully or by means of manipulation has to indicate a growth of 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit over the past century.

Ice melting—-one of the biggest problems earth is facing due to the increasing temperature is that the ice or snow on mountains and on the two poles are melting.

Sea Levels Acidic oceans—-The melting of ice at a constant rate has resulted in the rise of the sea level, the study shows that the rising is accelerating 0.12 inches per year. The melting of the polar ice, glaciers of Greenland and North America, South America, Asia, and Europe have been raising the sea levels. Only the rise in sea levels is not the only thing changing for the oceans, the increasing level of carbon dioxide is making the sea and ocean water acidic. The oceans absorb some of the carbon dioxides from the air and the acidity of the has increased about 25 percent according to research. This is a huge problem for marine life because the shells they develop are made of calcium carbonate which dissolves when immersed in an acidic solution.


Global warming has a very bad effect on human life and especially the men because they are much exposed to pollution, radiations more than women because of their work mainly.

Excess heat on men causes heat stress which on the other hand causes hyperthermia, and also increases the risk of getting a heat stroke and also other harmful effects. The climatic change has brought about many infectious diseases.

The warmer and wetter climate has increased mosquito-borne diseases and is the greatest threat to man’s life. These diseases are more normal in the areas where there are floods and droughts. Due to extreme weather conditions, men are already suffering from heat stress but they also may get diseases Hantavirus, schistosomiasis, river blindness, and also tuberculosis. Other than that, men also suffer from erectile Dysfunctional problems also known as ED these days. If you are a victim of it then immediately you should consult a doctor and take medicines according to Fildena Reviews, like Cenforce 100 Online from

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