How can we safe our kids from TikTok?

TikTok is known as a short-form video sharing application. It allows users to create new video content every time on any topic and then shares it with your followers. It enables users to create 15 seconds long video. The application has got a large audience in a short period compared to the other social media applications. Now it has more than 900 million users worldwide. The application has a large fan following of young users that spend most of the time on the application. In short, TikTok today is the most popular social app among teens.

Is TikTok Safe?

Every social network is full of risks and dangers for the young slot. However, kids can use social networks safely, but all the time, they get to encounter something nasty that can hit their minds and manipulate their innocence. Supervision of parents is necessary for teen’s safety. They can do such things that could breach their privacy and risk their safety online. The real danger is TikTok account remains public all the time. It means everyone can see your activity in terms of videos. People can see the messages and location. Parents have to do something to set privacy preferences on the social app all the time.

People can interact with your teens by making comments on their videos. However, parents should make sure to privacy on comments, likes, and other possible activities by strangers or viewers.

What are the dangers of TikTok for teens?

The dangers of TikTok are silent and brutal and creating concerns among parents. Teens are more likely to create content on the social platform between ages of 14-24.

Teens are used to sharing nude and sexually suggestive poses to increase their followers.  When seeing their fellow TikTok users have become celebrities having millions of followers and making money, then try to do the same things to be like them. Therefore, inappropriate content on TikTok is on the rise, and young teens are sharing nude and sexually explicit videos on the social media platform. Child abuse and sexual exploitation content have spread on the social app. However, the company has come up with the new parental control settings know as Family Safety Mode, but it does not make any difference until young users follow the settings.

Which Generation is most affected by TikTok?

Generation Z has got an influence of social network to compare to other generations. They are more likely to spend most of their time on social media platforms. They inappropriately share short videos on TikTok. Online predators, stalkers, online bullies, and others alike used to make comments on their videos, and most of the teens face body shaming.

Therefore, TikTok parental mod settings enable parents to limit the TikTok usage on their phones connected to cyberspace. The parental control features, like direct messages, screen –time management, and a restricted mod that empowers parents to block the sharing of inappropriate content on the video-sharing application.

Safeguard your teens from TikTok dangers with TheOneSpy

If you are worried parents and struggling to stop your teens from inappropriately using TikTok, then you need to use tiktok spy app. You can get your hands on it by visiting the web and then get the subscription. After having the subscription, you can set it up on the target cellphone device. It will enable you to use its online dashboard features to monitor and track all the activities of the teens to the fullest.

Screen recording

You can use its screen recording features via the dashboard, and it empowers you to create back to back videos of the phone screen and send recorded videos to the dashboard. Parents can visit the web control panel of the cellphone tracking app and watch all the TikTok videos to know what kids have shared on the video-sharing app.

View installed apps & block apps.

Moreover, parents can use the features to see the installed application and remotely block internet access when they are sharing inappropriate videos on TikTok. It will empower parents to protect teens from sharing inappropriate content on the social app to the fullest.


You can also take screenshots of a cellphone active with the video-sharing app. Parents can schedule plenty of screenshots on the target phone at the same time and deliver to the web control panel. You can visit the dashboard and see what sort of activities teens are doing on the phone running with TikTok. It will help out parents to know about video sharing on the social app, and parents will manage to stop teens from posting X-rated videos.


TheOneSpy cellphone monitoring software is the best tool to protect kids from the dangers of TikTok, and it keeps parents updated all the time about video sharing on the social media app.

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