How To Maximize Your Income As A Wedding Photographer?

According to recent studies, the wedding photographer’s income is between $ 40,000 to $ 60,000 per year. However, this is much higher than the earnings of ordinary photographers, who cannot even cross the $ 35000 limit in a year. A wedding photographer’s income depends on many factors such as experience, photography style, marketing strategy, location, etc. Whatever be the things, after working for long hours and late nights, you will surely want to have a sizable amount of money so that you can fulfill your dreams of buying a luxury car, expensive iPhone, beautiful apartment, and more.

Many goofy wedding pros think that only hard work is the key to earn a handsome amount of money. But the reality is that you have to apply the efforts at the right place. People write an abundance of blogs on improving wedding photography style, but you will find very few tutorials on how to increase the income with wedding photography. If you really want to improve your wedding photography income, you are in the right place. Here we are going to discuss some tips which will help you to earn handsome amounts of money.

Add Engagement Session In Your Package

You can add an engagement session to your package list to get some extra work. This will not only help you to maximize your income but also makes your client happy. In the present era, engagement photoshoots have become equally important to wedding photoshoot. The people are not afraid to spend money on their engagement sessions. Also, engagement photography is a great way to build rapport with the couple. 

Offer Fixed Package

Instead of charging for a full-day session, prefer to offer customers a fixed duration package. This will be beneficial for both parties. For instance, you can offer a package of 3 hours for a couple who prefer to have a very casual wedding, 6 hours package for capturing wedding ceremony and reception, 8-hour package to include the getting ready shots in the photo album. The fixed packages allow your client to choose the one comfortably and will save you time too. Besides, fixed wedding packages give you the opportunity to shoot more than 1 wedding a day, which ultimately boosts your earnings.

Include Special Sessions In Your List

It is the best way to attract the attention of those people who want to make their wedding shoot unique. You can add pre-wedding shoots, accessories and attire shoots, etc. to your package list. Nowadays, pre-wedding shoots are on high trend, it allows couples to express their real emotions. This kind of shoot is an outstanding way to maximize your wedding photography income and to make the wedding album of client’s more vibrant.

Do Some Extra Work During Holidays

Generally, the wedding season lies between May to October. Most of the wedding photographers are free during winters. But you can find various ways to earn some extra bucks in the off-season. As many people go for holidays in blizzard winters, it would be best to sell holiday cards to your current clients. Also, you can shoot mini sessions during the holiday season. 

Create A Wedding Portfolio Website

Being a creative professional, it is essential for you to have a wedding portfolio website. You can share your best clicks on the website to grab the attention of potential client’s towards your photography business and raise your income.

Be Active On Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest are the most powerful marketing tools for a photographer. You need to be active on them because people use these channels to see what is unique in your work and why they should hire you. Also, it allows you to do free advertising for your work as well as business. By promoting your work via social media channels, you can get more wedding photography clients.

The Bottom Line:

These 6 tips will surely maximize your wedding photography income and enable you to make your dreams come true. 

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