Important feature for Bluetooth devices in Chrome OS laptops

The latest Chrome OS 87 is considered as the “biggest release ever” by Google in terms of performance and security. For Chrome desktop browser, Google has added several new features to make it more agile. One of the little known features that Google has added in Chrome OS 87 is the ability to check the battery level of Bluetooth devices that are connected to your computer.

If you have connected any wireless headphones to your Chrome OS computer then you can check the battery level of that device by visiting Settings and Quick Settings menu options, as per a report by 9to5 Mac. To access the feature you would need to visit the Bluetooth menu.
Another interesting feature that Google has rolled out in Chrome OS 87 that will also be available in Chrome 87 browser os tab search. This comes handy if you have multiple tabs open on the Chrome browser. “You’ll now be able to see a list of your open tabs—regardless of the window they’re in—then quickly type to find the one you need. It’s search … for your tabs,” explained Google in its blog post.
Meanwhile, Google claims that the new Chrome 87 browser update is the “largest gain in Chrome performance in years”. Chrome is said to be up to 25% faster and loads pages faster. Also, Google claims that Chrome 87 consumes less RAM than before. The new Chrome version 87 has been optimised to consume battery by putting inactive tabs and processes to sleep.
Also, we generally tend to have a lot of tabs open on the Chrome browser while we work on a couple of tabs. Google will now prioritize your active tabs versus every other tab that’s open. Google says that this helps in reducing CPU usage and also helps in reducing battery life.

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