Why & How to Swaddle A Baby

Your baby is ready to become one new member of your family.

You see that nurse come with a beautiful baby is a clean cloth only head is popping out.

What is the secret which the nurse knows to keep the baby calm and sleep?

If you visit a hospital then you see that if any baby visits then they prefer to carry that baby after the role it and name it swaddling.

Swaddling is an ancient way to keep you safe, by wrapping the baby in a thin soft blanket.

As we all know that baby just come out from mother womb and it is very uncommon for that baby to live in this world directly, first try to give them a safe and secure place which give them relaxation log sleep and the best way to do this is swaddling.

Swaddling is a very important and easy way to make your child safe. So, if you are in search of why and how of baby swaddling then you are in the right place just stick with this article until the end.

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What is swaddling?

This is a very ancient process to make your baby safe, by wrapping them or fold them in a thin soft blanket, which not only makes them adorable but also keeps their hands, head, legs in the place and gives the mother a womb-like feeling to baby.

This is very important to keep the baby’s hand and leg safe because they are very weak and this is the best way to make your baby safe and beautiful at the same time.

Why baby swaddling?

This is one of the common but important questions for all newborns, If you want information about swaddling then read on.

  1. As the baby is not ready to adjust themselves to this new world, swaddling gives them a feeling of safety and security.
  2. When a baby is a newborn they need more sleep and if you do not swaddle them then their hands and legs come here and there which causes them to wake up.
  3. Swaddling keeps the baby cozy and warm and this builds her internal immune system and internal thermostat.
  4. Swaddling keeps your baby protected from the startle effect of the baby which gives good sleep to both mothers as well as the child.
  5. It keeps their hand away from the face and this protects their face from scratching.
  6. It keeps your baby on his back and this develops their back.
  7. This prevents the baby from SIDS because we do not swaddle then we use pillows, blankets and this may increase the chance of SIDS.
  8. It keeps them calm and makes them more adorable or cute.

All the above points are some most important points which you can’t ignore if you want to keep your baby safe.

How to swaddle your baby

Swaddle is one of the age-old practice and everyone prefers this to make their baby more safe and secure.

If it looks like a complicated process then understand that this is a very easy process, just follow the steps given below and you able to do this like a pro.

Step 1 – Find a flat surface and a clean blanket.

Just take a clean and soft blanket for the baby and put that blanket on a flat surface and make a diamond shape with one corner pointing up on a flat surface.

Fold 6 inches from the upper corner of the blanket.

Step 2 – place your baby on the blanket.

Keep your baby on the blanket in such a way that their head fits at the folded edge of the blanket and the whole body below that edge towards the bottom corner.

Step 3 – the first covers the left arm.

From the left-hand side start warping your baby, just take the blanket from the left-hand side and tuck that blanket under the right arm and cover the left arm and chest of the baby.

Step 4 – Bring up the bottom.

Fold the bottom side of the blanket in such a that all the cloth reaches the chin of the baby and tuck properly and take the right-hand side blanket and tuck in the left-hand side.

Step 5 – check the security of the blanket.

When you warp your baby, it is also important to check whether it is done in the right way or not and the best way to check it is by putting your 2 or 3 fingers in the chest area of the blanket to check it is loose enough or not.

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Safety Tips for swaddling a baby.

Swaddling a baby is important but it also important to keep the safety of your baby.

This is also dangerous for the baby, so before you complete the swaddle make sure you did it in the right way.

Some safety tips which you must keep in mind are –

  • Swaddle a baby in such a way that he/she can’t move his legs and hip. So, make sure you swaddle tight enough to stop their legs and hips movement but not immobilize their hands.
  • When your baby can role then stop the process of the swaddle.
  • Don’t double up the blanket to do swaddling for your baby because it may cause extra heat.

One more direct safety point for all new parents are, you keep in mind that not to swaddle a baby after three months.

Yes, the time when your baby reach 3 month old then not swaddle them this help them to move their hand an

Last words

If you reach this section then I think you read the whole article carefully and now you understand the whole concept of swaddling.

Swaddling a baby is important to make them safe, give them a long nap, keep their hands and legs tight.

So, all these are important for their proper development, just remember one thing that you can’t swaddle a baby when they ready for the roll.

Now, if you understand everything and I solve all your queries related to swaddling a baby then do not forget to share and give your valuable feedback.

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