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Top PHP Development Trends that will Dominate 2021

The year 2020 has been full of updates in the web development arena. This has made one thing clear that PHP web development is going to last for a long time. After all, half of the websites around the globe are written in PHP! I was checking a Spectrum Internet plan on my smartphone and wondering if Charter’s site is also written in PHP.

Ever since its inception, PHP has faced criticism that it’s mediocre, crappy, or outdated. But when PHP 7 came along, it was packed with tremendous improvements. To meet the challenging demands of the revolving development industry, PHP language is undergoing a major transformation. These are some of the changes to be expected in PHP development in 2021:

1: Integration with Cloud for Building Web Apps

It’s plain to see businesses are invested in creating cloud infrastructure. As reported by Canalys, in the third quarter of 2019, the global cloud infrastructure services market grew by 37 percent. Hence, it is worth $27.5 billion.

In another survey, it was mentioned that 78.9 percent of the sites using PHP server-side programming language and cloud would benefit from both technologies. With this approach, customers may expect cost-effective, flexible and scalable, and web solutions.

2: Smarter User Interface

Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email and e-com sites like Gmail, outlook, Amazon and eBay are used on mobile phones the most. To make them user-friendly, it’s important to ensure they are responsive.

Now that so many PHP web development tools and frameworks are available, it’s easy to develop sites and apps meeting your web development requirements. Popular frameworks, such as Symfony and Codeigniter can be applied.

Other ways to keep visitors engaged to your site is to use visual effects, online presentations, and infographics. Flash is useful for creating 3d interactions for games and banner ads. Parallax scrolling is another feature to add a 3D effect in images and banners.

3: Optimal use of Internet of Things

The PHP development tools are a complex virtual structure of distinctive technologies, and IoT helps improve its coding structure. PHP and IoT together can offer robust support to app developers as they explore new ways to deliver the best results. The latest PHP version allows developers to access asynchronous programming, making it possible to perform multiple tasks using a single code script.

4: Improved Cybersecurity

PHP makes it possible to implement robust cybersecurity solutions for making web apps as well as websites secure. Since the online shopping trend is increasing and consumers are using their debit/credit cards and mobile wallets to pay the bill, security matters more than ever.

Amazon Pay, PayPal, Google Wallet are the commonly used medium of payment. All e-commerce site/app owners have to integrate these payment options in their online payment gateway. The PHP framework, like Phalcon, can be used. It’s a well-documented framework for asset management, security, and caching.

5: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has proven to be highly useful for improving the user interface. For developers, AI is ideal for settling general client questions. It can help supplement people’s abilities, allow developers and engineers to concentrate on the imaginative turn of the event, and let AI handle the dreary activity.

6: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google likes mobile-friendly sites. Hence, more and more designers are using Accelerated Mobile Pages to ensure the pages load quicker, no matter what the browser uses. Sites like Yellow Pages, LinkedIn, and Google support AMP to ensure clients can operate these sites on their mobile devices without encountering issues.

Ready for a Kick-Ass Site?

In this global era, websites have turned into a necessity. On top of this, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced everything to go digital. That was also why I too got my business internet plan upgraded by simply calling on the Spectrum phone number.

Building a user-friendly website that’s secure, beautiful, smartphone-friendly, etc. is not an easy job. Now that PHP 7 comes with advanced improvements, it has taken some weight off designers’ shoulders.

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